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Alternate Work Strategies

ESPACE DESIGN is at the forefront of understanding office design concepts and methodologies devised to combat numerous challenges in the modern workplace. We are specialists in identifying key influences that are affecting modern day organisations. We also work with our clients to explore an Alternative Work Strategies that will be right for their organisation.

There are a multitude of Alternate Work Strategies (AWS) or sometimes referred to as Alternative Work Environments (AWE) or Alternative Work Arrangements (AWA) which can be used singularly or in a combination for a successful outcome within your workplace depending on your vision and your culture.

Examples of these include but are not limited to:

  • Flexi-shift
  • Hotelling
  • Co-working
  • Cloud Working
  • Hot Desking
  • I-Work
  • Satellite Working
  • Activity Based Working
  • Agile Working

ABW or Activity Based Working is one such AWS which has gained popularity in recent years by employers because of the many benefits it brings to organisations. These benefits include increased work based productivity and collaboration, coupled with increased staff retention and attrition. ABW assists in combatting environmental impact by reducing office footprints and corporate consumables and expenditure. ABW is a cutting edge approach to developing a future organisation of self determination and corporate advancement. At ESPACE DESIGN we have a dedicated AWS specialist on staff to assist with your questions.

These specialists can assist in the design and implementation of Alternate Work Strategies like ABW (Activity Based Working) into your workplace.

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