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Not-for-profit Organisations

ESPACE DESIGN GROUP recognises that Not-for-Profit organisations have unique requirements in order to facilitate the efficient delivery of services and foster advocacies to produce maximum impact to the community.

ESPACE DESIGN has partnered and supported Not-for-Profit organisations all over Western Australia for decades now, gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding of suitable design solutions which enrich the social, economic, cultural and environmental wellbeing of thriving local communities.

Over and above standard procedures, ESPACE DESIGN GROUP adds value to Not-for-Profit organisations thru: 

  • Assistance in the preparation of Lottery West funding applications; 

  • Tailored designed service;

  • Competitive pricing with special dispensation for Not-for-Profit projects;

  • FREE No obligation preliminary consultations;

  • Quick turn around times for conceptual plans;

  • Benefits of the application of alternative working strategies (AWS);

  • Full suite of design services, pay only for what you require;

  • Change Management consultancy catering to the human side of every project;

  • Pragmatic Design service centred around your budget; and

  • Design Consultants who listen to your needs.

Our designers do their utmost to create stunning and distinctive, scalable yet timeless office environments which communicate your cause. We share your organisation’s passion and strive to radiate this into inspired and human centred corporate interiors.

Speak with ESPACE DESIGN GROUP today on 08 6254 2075 or arrange for a callback from a design consultant.